Love is Payne (Liam Payne)

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ultraviolace By ultraviolace Completed
(this is basically shit along with the rest of the story. i wouldn't even recommend it to my deceased aunt. So for your sake and mine, please don't read it)

For Heather Flynn life has never been easy. How could it be when you're a secret to the world? Being part of an agency that even the FBI doesn't know about to help protect those who need it can't be an easy job. 
          When Heather is pushed a case to protect a famous boy band will she be able to trust herself again after losing a little girl she had been assigned to protect? Time doesn't give her the chance to heal and she's off again. She's promised herself she'd never get close to another case not after Katie, but love has ways of making you break promises.

                                    Copyright © 2012 Gray Garrido
                                         Editor: @whadduphoran
Kevinthepigeon4102 Kevinthepigeon4102 6 months ago
@ultraviolace I've read this b4! Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good I'm reading it again!
Naomileloux Naomileloux a year ago
Your story is so good! I loved reading it. It is one of my favorites. I was just wondering how you wrote about this. Did you research it? Or did you just used your imagination? - Love Naomi
nikka_styles99 nikka_styles99 2 years ago
Oh my god. I dont even know how many ive reread this book. Its just so awesomw. It makes me think that i want to be like her. If those secret agents stuff even existed. Lol!! Your a good writer!! I think i love you.
_Dreamersworld _Dreamersworld 2 years ago
Ive read this so many times its ridiculous! i honestly love it! You are so talented!
69kindsoflarry 69kindsoflarry 2 years ago
Wow... I must say - this is very good. I love the way you write. And the plot is very different. Thumbs up. :3
Val_and_Ari Val_and_Ari 2 years ago
Alright, I'm not gonna lie: I'm intrigued. I'll definitely be reading more :)