Dreamscaper: The Delirium of Nalin

Cole and Nalin Van den Doorne just buried their mother, another victim of the malicious spirit of Misty Greene, and it has driven a wedge between the brothers. However, their problems are bigger than just being parentless orphans again; Misty mysteriously disappeared, the other puppet master to the murderous exploits of the vengeful spirit is unknown and they still don’t know why they were seemingly targeting Nalin. While trying to unravel the mysteries of what happened and why, Nalin starts getting wrapped up in his own mysterious past, a past life that is haunting his present, and the fine line between reality and the dream world will be blurred, leaving Nalin straddling two worlds; but which is the real world and which is only a dream? This is book two of the Dreamscaper series. Book one is Dreamscaper: Illusionary Mortality. This Book is from Nalin's POV compared to book one being from Ki'Nahla's POV.
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uh-oh. judgement day... DUN DUN DUN!
omg loving being inside nalin's head! nawww he is too cute sometimes!!
*laughs* I love that you've posted some of this story when I wasn't expecting it for awhile. *goes to read chapter*
Well that must make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 'Judgement day'' lovely. They really have bad luck. Love your stories! Update soon!
Wait judgement day, a fucking apocolypse?!? Holy shit did not see that one coming!!
on your profile this says it's three parts but on here it says there's two, am I missing something or is one part private? 
Oh, sorry;)
Thanks for two postings, I love your stories and am totally addicted

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