Love's A Gift {B5}

Janaye iAmScooterBoot Pearson is a landscaper and famous comedian's daughter. Patrick Owen Breeding is 1/5 of the music group B5. Along with brothers Kelly, Dustin, Carnell, and youngest brother Bryan. These two are Best Friends. Besties!! Janaye moves to Atlanta from life long home, Detroit, with her mother and cousin. Father is in California with her younger siblings.Upset about leaving her old friend behind, but not for too long as she realizes she will be able to see "Bestie P", her best friend of 3 years and the best part is...NO ONE KNOWS THEY'RE FRIENDS let alone know each other. After their secret friendship gets out, they all find out they already new each, YEARS AGO. And now Janaye starts to take a special interest in one Patrick's brother. Which flirtatious brother? Freak-A-Zoid Carnell? Playboy Dustin? GameBoy Bryan? or ToughGuy Kelly? What happens when her pyscho ex-boyfriend with his friends come in and try to get, more like force take, her back and in the process try to kill her? What will the boys do to help/save Janaye from Will there still be a relationship between Janaye and her new found love? Read to find it all out. (Multiple POV style)
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Janaye has a lot in comon with me... we both love purple!
But this chapter was seriously good!

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