"Its a Bad Religon to be in love with someone who can never love you."

She's good. He's bad. They either mix well or they don't. It's like bleach and color -	once it touches you're in for a rude awakening. Her brother's best friend. Need more be said? But things change and so do people. Go on a journey and a chopped up path of trying to stay alive and end a family feud. Are you willing to follow?

Open your eyes and take a ride...

Look to see how unrequited love...

Can bring you to your knees.

©Copyright Jamiya Taylor 2012
All Rights Reserved.
maleahkeller maleahkeller 4 months ago
If a nigga ever sing that to me imma run.. That's not a good love song to me. It's a break up.
maleahkeller maleahkeller 4 months ago
No lie I read this bc of the song. Like that's my nigha right there. I wish he'd make more stuff. Like this is my junk ! 'Taxi driver, you're my shrunk for the hour' yas.
LegendaryStonnerr LegendaryStonnerr 8 months ago
I'm reading this for the second time ! Love this book and I know I'm about to cry at the end.
_Dashaun _Dashaun a year ago
Lol this is cute lol I love that song so much the title really made me read it
ritas-dollhouse ritas-dollhouse 2 years ago
Love it! Can't wait to read the rest of this story! Finally found some time to read it from start to finish :)
LuckyLexy24 LuckyLexy24 2 years ago
i like this story!! If you like Roc royal then check out my new book. i garauntee you guys would like it. i would really appreciate it