Eye Of The Guardian. (-Book 3) completed

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SanayaKant By SanayaKant Completed
This is the third book of the YNA series. Read the 1st & 2nd one as this is a series.

Secrets have been revealed and mysteries have been solved. Everthing seems too perfect to be true in this dimension, but all that was just the begining for Frisca and Vlade. Having found out Amelia's lover and the opportunity to slain the Demon Lord DiBerius, Vlade and Frisca race against time to bring an end to the ordeal that everyone has been going through. Will they defeat the demon Lord or stumble upon more dreadful secrets? As professor rightfully said once, "Time is why you are here...Time is why we all are here!"
brunoopuppy brunoopuppy 2 years ago
I love this series, i would literately die if you stop writing this. plzz update soon i'm in love with it.
DejaWhite DejaWhite 2 years ago
Hi I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORIES! They come alive in my head every chapter. Im a new writer and I just wrote a book, its only 4 chapters and the chapters are even smaller I'd GREATLY APPRECIATE it if you read my story!. Please read and tell me what you think, its called Fire and Ice by dejawhite
sureshpalimar sureshpalimar 2 years ago
can't wait to read this third boon in the you're not alone series
caparth89 caparth89 2 years ago
hmmm. can understand pressure of studies... have gone through it
masikool masikool 2 years ago
i love the YNA series, you are truely a gifted writer. your stories are the best.
sarojini sarojini 2 years ago
I've read all your stires and i must say that is is by far one of my favourites on wattpad