Sink Into Me

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"What if it were possible for me to live forever? Would you still love me then?" He asked me. I stared into his light green eyes and said, "I'd love you until the end." His eyes penetrated into mine before he leaned forward and whispered the words, "What if the end was now?" My breath caught in my throat. "...Then I'd die loving you."  18 year old Evangeline O'Shea hadn’t been the popular girl during her years at school. She was quiet, collected... smart. This made moving out of New York that much easier. To go into Vancouver, Canada wasn't planned in any of her books. However that opinion changes after she meets Michael Reeves, through an unlucky incident at Simon Fraser University. She didn't expect to fall for such a dark and mysterious man let alone her History lecturer...  And when she finds out that this man is in fact no man at all, she wonders if love is worth risking her life over.  **First novel in my Vampire series**
I like that the character doesn't immediately become a stuttering mess blinded by a man's attractiveness
My fathers name is Arthur!
Now I am imagine him as the father....
soooo jealous i just have an ugly poo brown colour. ( Not saying that poo brown eyes Are ugly Its just that i cant pull then off Kay i'll. stop talking now bye)
Finally!!! A book in Canada! It makes it more relatable for me because I'm Canadian
I read "glee" as "Gee" and now I can't stop thinking about Gerard Way. Lol 
if the father is bb and the mother is Bb then the offspring could be bb as well. so ...its possible. though for humans. highly unlikely