Catalyst (A romantic Scifi/Fantasy story)[COMPLETED]

Lucas is a class D citizen: poor, underprivileged, and unworthy to date the girl of his dreams. But his life is about to change when an alien race launches its first successful attack on earth in over twenty years. Everything he has ever loved has been taken from him, and all because of the elite. Now he must protect the daughter of the world's richest man--even if she is the most selfish, spoiled woman he's ever met.
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My only question after reading this would be who are the reds? Other than that this was really good.
Rereading this after such a long time just goes to show how effective your writing is, it seriously gives me chills. In a good way.
For how many reads this book has people need to remember to vote. Like jesus  xD
It's pretty sad that such a demeaning (yet funny) statement has just captured the entire human race
@Chelseadrag he means that in the future our time would be considered the caveman times
Lol I didn't know cavemen had books, and if this is class D my school must be class R or something

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