Catalyst (A romantic Scifi/Fantasy story)[COMPLETED]

Lucas is a class D citizen: poor, underprivileged, and unworthy to date the girl of his dreams. But his life is about to change when an alien race launches its first successful attack on earth in over twenty years. Everything he has ever loved has been taken from him, and all because of the elite. Now he must protect the daughter of the world's richest man--even if she is the most selfish, spoiled woman he's ever met.
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this is so true yet so mean at the same time. IM NOT MAD DONT GET ME WRONG. this is just one of the best burns I've seen in a long time *applause*
My friend read it as well and she said it was really good so please look at it and leave suggestions like I said
Please check out my book The Real World and leave suggestions it would help me out a lot
This is looking great!! Got me hooked on the first chapter haha if anyone wants to have a look at my story (it's in progress) I would really appreciate it!
@RavenOlterain like oh my God the amount of porn here is astounding (i had to use some big word here)
Hey, that's really offensive. 

Us cavemen would never stoop to the level of reading things on paper. Who do you think we are?

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