Catalyst (A romantic Scifi/Fantasy story)[COMPLETED]

Lucas is a class D citizen: poor, underprivileged, and unworthy to date the girl of his dreams. But his life is about to change when an alien race launches its first successful attack on earth in over twenty years. Everything he has ever loved has been taken from him, and all because of the elite. Now he must protect the daughter of the world's richest man--even if she is the most selfish, spoiled woman he's ever met.
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I love this story so much already because it's refreshing and fantastically written, but I want to say more when I get to the end of this story
I would've been like "My dude, how many of your kind does it take to make a funny joke....oh, my bad"
Too many books on Wattpad are frankly idiotic and it takes great writing to reel me in so congrats. Definitely a fucking fan.
I'm not really into romantic stories, but heck.. this story seems interesting, I'll read it!
Yeah, but since he never even got to actually go on a date with her does it even count?
hello, its me again. I tried deleting  and installing the novel afresh yet the same problem persists. chapters two and beyond are blank. any solution?

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