Worthless - Larry Stylinson fanfic

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AgnesTomlinson By AgnesTomlinson Updated 9 days ago
*TRIGGER WARNING! Self-harm, kind of eating disorder (not really but kind of) suicidal thoughts and a lot more shit, so if you can't handle this then back off and drink a cup of tea. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING!!!*

Maybe if we all thought for a moment before we started saying mean things and calling people worthless, we could save some lives. Maybe if you took a step forward and said what you really thought people could be happier. Don't be a coward. Think before you act.
Louis and Harry, best friends? Well not anymore at least.

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cupcake_bears cupcake_bears 4 days ago
fxxxxcckcckkkk now I'm sad because Harry is like this in my story nooo
iLarryStylinsoni iLarryStylinsoni 11 days ago
Harold Edward Styles! That is no way to talk to your boyfriend!
xLiveYourDreams xLiveYourDreams 20 days ago
Harry, dear its not ugliness ugg-lee-neess, its se-xeeh-neess
Niallsbaby6086 Niallsbaby6086 24 days ago
I'm rereading this and no joke a have like 5 tissue boxes around me
larryclub larryclub 2 months ago
this makes me so sad. louis is everything but worthless. he is so relevant and beautiful and I hope he knows that.