Oh gosh. My Mate Is An Alpha

I'll be honest with you; i don't want a mate. Especially not an Alpha! It's not just because i'm afraid they'll reject me but i'm also afraid they'll treat me like my pack- or even worse. But i just had to run away and meet Jace Carter; my mate and an Alpha. Can i trust him? He's very possessive and i hate that. I'm my own. When Ira meets her mate after escaping her abusive pack, she is heart broken at the type of man Jace is. He's someone who could cheat on you, possibly hit you and if you run away, search the world for you. Can Jace change for his little mate? Or will he stay the same man to begin with? I promise you will not regret this!! :D
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Oh yeah, hey there.
Nothing much going on you know just trying to get away from you. Can you like let me go you know before I pee on you . Ya feel?
Not trying to be annoying and rude! Just trying to help you with the editing process so you can avoid the annoying rude people!
Hello hi author. My name is Devan and I am in desperate need of a Gabe. Pls and thank you ☺️
I think it's cute any dad will tell the daughter they look pretty and any mom will tell his son he looks good That's how I see it
Well that's not awkward at all... You someone kidnapping you just as you're about to pee
The name Ira means : Watchman. The name is Hebrew and American. I love looking up what names mean

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