Fated [lgbt]

Kisara-Rose De Sera is a teenager with a seemingly normal life. But underneath the calm, silent exterior, she's hurting with wounds ripped wide open and unable to heal. That is, until she finds her voice and is able to heal, along with the help of a few friends: Caleb Walsh and his brothers Grayson, Jackson, Marcus, and Angus, Reuben Seretti, and her aunt Maria. If only she knew what pretty much everyone besides her does. That her and her friends are Fated. When she finds out the truth and the fact that she was adopted and uncovers secrets that probably should have stayed hidden, will a war break out? Or will they be able to keep the peace between the worlds? And what will happen when Kisara discovers something that may end up shattering her soul? And what if even the closest of her friends, Reuben, can't even save her?
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@xXtrappedinmymindXx Probably, I as much as I love technology, I could never decide whether it was a good thing or not.
@xXtrappedinmymindXx Any small device like an iPod or phone seems to hate me, I don't understand why though.
Oh my! Such an intense chapter! I really love this, it makes me want to never stop reading.
@xXtrappedinmymindXx :D Yay!!!! Looking forward to reading more. Thank you for the dedication :)

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