he's my mate! he pushed me out of a tree when i was eight!

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;) figure it out on your own By Keyden Completed
Rose and Scott where childhood best friends. he's the next alpha and she the only daughter of the omega. when they were younger Scott pushed rose out of a tree because he was upset about something. and she hasn't forgiven him yet. now she's his mate.will he get her to forgive him before they get married? and to make things worse he's a teacher at her high school! will they get caught? follow rose and Scott through there life.
He pushed you out of a tree. She acts like he committed a crime. She's so pathetic
@IMyraLovekitty ikr? But it's just so..much..work.. and it gets hot having them on!
You know what would be a good idea to put on in front of people. Clothes!
The frying pan reminded me of the movie Tangled. This book is awesome
oh my god this is one of the most confusing story i read.. i dont mean to be rude though.. the plot is nice , thats why im here but man..the spacing turns me off.. like i dont know who is talking with who? is it she talking to her self a.k.a her wolf or scott talking to her via mind link... :-/
wouldnt she at lwast have robe on i mean come on who walks around half naked thats gross