A Healer's Fate

When Prince Clarion of Kalrona falls ill, Kaylin doesn't think twice about saving his life, even though it will mean her death. Magic is illegal in Kalrona and that is exactly how Kaylin plans to heal the prince. What happens when, instead of leading to her execution, Kaylin's actions set in motion a series of events that could end in the demise of the kingdom she calls home? Can she save her home as well, and will she be allowed to live even if she does? What's a healer to do but try? *Winner of Watty Award 2013 SciFi/Fantasy On the Rise*
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I love the detail and this is a great way to begin a story--really draws a reader in.
This was an amazing beginning, I've been dying to start reading this, I just know I'm going to love it after all the wonderful things I've heard about it ^_^
This is a great piece of fantasy fiction with well rounded characters and face pacing. You've done a great job and I will be waiting to reading more, good luck.
@NeverTrustaDuck any way i'm on chapter 3 so far and im loving it your a good writer XD
Hello :) may I know is part 20 coming up anytime soon? I am looking forward to it! :)
Very interesting prologue indeed. :)

I really love your writing style. ^_^


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