Sex 101 With Harry Styles

"I'll kiss you here," Harry said pointing to Alicia's lips and then his finger trailing down her neck. Harry saw her close her eyes and he couldn't help but smirk. She was just too innocent. "And then...." she breathes. "And then...." Harry hums and presses his body against hers. "I will do this." Harry puts both his hands in her hair and crashes their lips together. After several seconds he pulls back, gives himself a head shake and smiles at his student. "Thats it for now." With that Harry strides away from her, but that wouldn't be the last time.
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Your story is amazing! Please don't do this! You have a lot of fans in Poland so please don't stop write.
Heey how have you been?  
I miss this story update if you can 
Im sorry about your tumor o hope you're feeling well with all the treatments honey 
Love you.Xx
when are u going to write the next chapter coz im so into this story and sorry about ur  tumer hope u get better
I haven't started reading this yet, but I just wanted to say that your cover is brilliant!
Amazing story... harrey!! Hope to watch the trailer if i have time..hope it will be really him.. xD

Oh yeah its you!! xD
Yes haha it was so epic and then it killed the moment. I started crying from laughter  @infinatehipsta @eharrison2199

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