His baby, Her life (BEING EDITED)

Natalia Sheffield gave once gave her heart to a man she loved, only to have him trample on it. After years of getting her life back on track, he shows up again, sending her life into turmoil. But now, it's not only her heart she has to protect, but a three year old secret.......
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he should feel guilty for making her go with him. she was away from his kid so long.
I would beat that azz from the house to the hospital from the hospital to the grave 
@Naomi34 Kill Them With Kindness.  (: Violence is always the solution to me thoughh too. :)
Oh my god!  That's the funniest thing that happen. To me all day! Thanks for the laugh :)
This is sooo beautifully written..!! Every damn emotion has been depicted beautifully by you..wonderful work!!!
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