The Alpha Meets His Match

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xXdemolitionloverXx By xXdemolitionloverXx Updated 3 months ago
The Alpha Meets The Rogue sequel. 

Dylan and Leila have finally defeated Alpha Nicolas and Alpha Jackson. The battle against Raven Pack is finally over, but that doesn't mean the problems have ended. Leila and Dylan are still working on their relationship, which keeps hitting bumps that they must overcome. 

Of course nothing can come too easy for the Alpha and his Luna. Dylan is about to take on another battle with Alpha Caine against Knight Pack, when the unexpected happens. Allies become enemies, hostile relationships start patching up, and Alphas start turning to Rogues for help. After all, a battle between two of the biggest packs in the United States doesn't come without alliances, traitors, or deaths… and new and improved pack ties.
wazup22646 wazup22646 11 days ago
I just want to go over to her house and beat the shït out of her Leila lost a kid and is pushing her to have another one just like that no bish just no
gezza050 gezza050 17 days ago
For a second I thought you wrote knocked up and I was like ''Jesus what did I miss?''
Lilmissoutcast Lilmissoutcast 23 days ago
Wat u expect him to do? Just let her kíll everyone, and if he locked her up she would just suffer even more
AllyCat7575 AllyCat7575 a month ago
Oh my gosh! I hope so! But if she hasn't shifted, wouldn't she be like 13? Therefore, really young?
AllyCat7575 AllyCat7575 a month ago
Did anyone else think of the line from Pitch Perfect when Fat Amy says: 'I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake?' Or is that just me being an Aussie?
luchia30926 luchia30926 a month ago
I don't mean to be rude but she lost a kid! I don't know how it feels, but before me, my mom lost a kid and she was really upset. She almost lost one of my sisters too. You can't go asking "when are you having a kid" JUST AFTER they lost one!