Made to Shine

Emily has no friends, no life and no hope. She was abandoned when she was a baby left to live with her grandparents. Ben hears the angel singing one day and comes back to find Emily the "ragamuffin" sitting in front of her grandparents bakery. In his search for the mysterious angel with the voice that is heavenly, he and Emily embark on a friendship that will change both of them forever. Please notice the video I have linked to the chapters to the right. I tried to get the original artists singing. Or at least the artist that inspired me to use that song. Also, at the end of Chapter 10 is a list of all of the songs with artist credit. I hope you enjoy!! Please vote and comment.
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No matter how many times I've read this story, I still find it to be one of the most beautiful most inspirational stories on Wattpad.:)
Absolutely incredible,:)
I love this opinion. It took me a long while, over playing a football game and watching home football games to see how its played o.o
I read the whole book today. I couldn't put it down... can't wait to start the next one
awesome awesome! It is so wonderful to see others shining bright with their gifts :)
I read that story when it was published & I've loved it!! :) thought I should've let you know :D thumbs up!!
I love this story! it was the first I read that inspired me to make a wattpad account! definitely needs an award!

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