My New Neighbor, My Secret Lover

First installment from the Secret Lover trilogy Copyright © 2012 HE's in his thirties, I'm still in high school. This is the kind of things that make you wish you were older sometimes. I have a feeling that he is watching me. His eyes are two blue crystal balls I can't stop dreaming of no matter how hard I try. The only thing is, I don't think he sees me the way I see him. I get this furiously aroused feeling inside of me when I'm around him. Would he ever want to talk to or even look at me, if he knew what kind of dirty, secretive dreams I'd be having about him and what kind of naughty things I do to myself when I think of him? He only sees me as this sixteen year old troubled girl in high school. Or does he...? A story of Denial, Great Passion, Sex, and most importantly, Love. WARNING: This novel will have adult content, therefore, ones underage should not attempt to read. Also keep in mind that this story has not yet been edited. BEWARE of mistakes or grammatical errors.
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I thiught she said: "My mouth is truly a very, very very beautiful... etc, you know the rest."
No wonder! I thought he was one of those parents who think that a B is the new F. I didn't think you actually did something wrong.....
and this is y i NEVER tell my dad about a parent teacher meeting....................or any type of meeting
my Best friend died a little over two months ago and everyone thinks I'm a whole different person just because I stopped caring about people
@fckindavefranco I'm actually picturing Dave Franco because I literally am in love with him, but he's younger.
Oh, did you just add this part? I remember a while back when I read this, him having a fiancé was a surprise. To everyone. But I still love this book.

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