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The novel follows Carrick Williams as he leaves his small, Nebraska town to make an attempt at college. The book is a lot about him, about his mind and his struggle, but it’s also very much about the Midwest, its beauty, the difficulties it poses for an ambitious youth, and how much where you grow up can shape you.
Very interesting. I love the narration and emotions. I feel like he is sad but also very numb.
Solid writing.  Check out my stories and let me know what you think, please!
Great line. I remember this sensation too at that time in my life.
Your writing is beautiful.

I'd love the hear these conversations. Consider showing them rather than telling about them in narrative.
Great "Prologue" or "Opening Chapter" I loved it! It draws the reader in. God Bless You!!!
Wow, this book sounds interesting! I think that your idea is inspiring and just as amazing! I am going to add it to my library RIGHT THIS INSTANT! :)