Niall Horan Dirty Imagine

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Amy By OneDirectionsBabe17 Completed
So, as you can tell, this is a dirty imagine. It's split up in parts.. so.. yeah... :p Enjoy? Haha. Fan me, vote, comment! :D
My name is Ashlee and can you make me a long dirty one of Me and Niall Horan Thanks
can u make me a really dirty one with niall im Maria but everybody call me Merry :) <3
Can u make me a REALLY DIRTY one with NIALL my name is Joanne  u are amazing
I have never read something like this so far but I like it :) Oh and who wouldnt want to play Too hot whit Niall
First thing i saw was 'best friend, Niall Horan' then i look at the title 'dirty imagine' and i just sit here like 'oh no this can't be good' (in a good way of course ;))
Can you make me one please my name is Kayla and can it be with Louis Tomlinson :)