California Dreaming

Jia had never expected to return to California, to move from a quiet English town to the buzzing Beverly Hills, where money and beauty is all that matters, where partying on the beach till 3 in the morning is normal. More than anything, she was not expecting to find her best friend, still living in the same town, still acting the same, just Gabriel. But, Jia has a secret. No-one knows the real reason why she moved back to Beverly Hills, that her boyfriend got too serious, that it got to a point where he would threaten her to such an extent that Jia couldn't leave the house. She was all over the news, everyone knew who she was, which was why she had to move back to Beverly Hills, where no one would look further than money, and beauty.
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Really good first chapter! Really like your humor about Hogwards. Definitely going to read some more stories. :)
I really like the description you put in. I like how Gabe recognizes her ! I'm hooked! x
this is good ! i like the description in you writing and how you started off the story with them meeting again :)
First paragraph is promising :) The interaction between the two characters is quite cute :') Will keep reading
this was a good start humorist and well written detailed the dialog flowed and was entertaining
Oh my gosh. This was an epic start. Yay a Chinese person!! :D I totally know how she feels... lol hi @janefoxx xD

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