P.H.O.B.I.A.S. (Paranormal Home of Biologically Improved Attributes to Society)

Hey readers! Do you think that your school, college, or job is the worst place in the world? Well, think again! Here's your wake-up call. Welcome to P.H.O.B.I.A.S., a "home" for children that surpass human normalcy. Gen M1, one of the oldest "students" in the program will show you the life of a paranormal. Follow her as she faces the many challenges of being a teenager, paranormal, and a prisoner.
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I like the story. I like anything Sci-Fi, and this story falls into that category.
@darkarchangelgirl Didnt think the concepts would be so close. Except I have sergio. Therefore I win. Jkjk
You have a stylish voice, which is I believe can't be learned, so that's an amazing gift. I love your story and your style. I will keep reading!
wo! when she said telekenisis i was like woahhhhh so eah! continue! oh wait... you did... i will read on then!
Science fiction is usually not my thing, but this story really has me wanting more!! I really liked it.
really short but interesting. Sorry if you don't see my vote, my computar is slow at voting

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