My Brother Wants Back In My Life? No Way.

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astroforce5 By astroforce5 Updated 9 months ago
Maddison Parker is trying to live through day after day with a little sister and an abusive father. She lives for her sister and would do anything to protect her. One day her practically non-exsistant brother comes back into her life.  Will his reappearance make Maddison's life easier or more complicated then it already is?
JoeHeimrich JoeHeimrich 2 years ago
Good so far...keep up the good work. Thanks, Laura Heimrich.
VampirePrincess69 VampirePrincess69 3 years ago
how old is she now, you said she was 14 when he left but how old is she now
tinny3038 tinny3038 4 years ago
@astroforce5 serious! its and awesome story! i even added it to my library :D hehehe im totally working on that chapter just a wee wlittle bit fo writers block nothing too serious eh?
tinny3038 tinny3038 4 years ago
im actually liking this story sooo sooo interesting keep going, im both liking and dreading whats going to happen next P) lol
single-heart single-heart 4 years ago
OMG this is awesome I love it good work girl keep it up...
This story is soooo interesting...
Just-Nikki Just-Nikki 4 years ago
Oh god, that was so sad.
That's one stuffed up family. 
I love Beth :) She's such a cutie!
I don't really like Kane but you know, he was just a kid as well. :\
Very nicely written!