Book one. I'd spent my entire life without a mother. But, when professors come to my father's inn, a cloaked figure known only as Sleepwalker begins to torment me with thoughts of her. When these dreams become too malicious, my father sends me off to the capital city in order to answer the questions burning in my mind: Who is my mother? And what does she have to do with my nightmares? If only the journey had been so simple.
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You may not be crazy about this but IT DEFINITELY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION OFF THE JUMP GO!!!
Uuuuu, it's getting interesting! She's finally learning about Greek legends! (I'm a Greek legend geek. I love the legends! Lol.)
I really like this! :) I really like Greek mythology and I'm glad that it's in there. Maybe Artemis is her mother... but she's a virgin... hmmm...
How are you not crazy about the prologue? I am 0_0
I have a feeling this book is going to be amazing...
I like this, it has me wanting to read more: To know why she can't have that child, why she has to kill her, and if she actually did kill her. Wonderful job!
She seems like a responsible, dedicated daughter.
"Enjoy your stay." hahaha Reminded me of the "so nice" from The House Bunny comedy movie!

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