Kiss But Don't Tell

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_DandiFlower By _DandiFlower Updated 2 years ago
Randi Taylor is your ordinary teenage high school girl. Her Twin brother Ringo Taylor, who tends to go by the name Taylor, is best friends with Randi's worst enemy. Hayden Mason.The name calling never ends when these two are around. but lately, there's been a bit of chemistry between them.You know what they say, Opposites Attract. The only problem is that Ringo won't be too happy to see his best friend and little sister dating.  How will Randi and Hayden go though with their relationship without Ringo noticing? can they simply Kiss and not tell?
ChocolateRaindrops ChocolateRaindrops 3 years ago
they have brother and sisterly love. It's great. you have a few grammar mistakes but not many
ChocolateRaindrops ChocolateRaindrops 3 years ago
Its good.I like that you discribe youru characters. I know some people who don't so good job so far