Pregnant By My Sister's Boyfriend

Scarlett is just an average, quiet, laid back girl. But when it came to boys, they always compared her to her sister and made it clear that she wasn’t good enough. Until once - for the first time in her life - Scarlett felt desired, for the first time something that her sister had was easily hers.. She never intended to hurt her twin or take things that far with her sister’s boyfriend; Kyle, but it happened and she couldn’t take it back. She couldn’t even forget about it because there was a baby growing inside of her reminding her of her sinful deed every single day, but she kept it a secret... Will the truth ever come out? Will Stacey and Kyle make it? Will Scarlett be able to be with the guy she truly likes? Can one mistake break the sisters' bond for good? Or will the twins learn to forgive and forget? You’ll have to read and find out ;) Link to trailer:
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You have to be on a computer and when u start writing the first chapter of a book it will have a option to write a cast and who they are:) there you go!
am I the only one who notices that he obviously doesn't love her that deeply if he slept with her twin ? ..uhm yea okkay
im going to start this tommorrow but this sounds so interestingg and i love drama books &&' movies . perf book for me ! ✨ .
@yanababyluvu if you're on a phone then u can't but if it's computer well just look on the right side of the screen and I'm pretty sure it'll say something
No joke I'm about to snap my fingers in a Z rotation, then a little head rotation because I would have killed somebody for doing that nish to me
hey can someone tell me how to add pictures to my stories ???? I need help , im sorta new to wattpad and it'll mean a lot if someone could tell how :)

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