How To Cope With Hotness

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_JamesTheDon By _JamesTheDon Updated 2 years ago
Kaiden Daniels one of the naughtiest boys in school. But the hottest. He could go down in history as the biggest manwhore ever. But when shy girl Casey Miller tells him about himself. He realises, she's the boot in the ass that he needs. Will he get the girl, or will she push him away ?? XD
RimUranium RimUranium 4 years ago
Bwahahaha I like that girl!!!! She's got style and flair :) <3 awesome!!
<3 voted
TheWeirdOne01 TheWeirdOne01 4 years ago
this is different from the other stories i read :) great start :D voted!
ACRL37 ACRL37 4 years ago I think you use the word 'beautiful' a bit too much, but other than that, this is a pretty good start! Nice job 
yrollam yrollam 4 years ago
this is.... different, and funny  it made me laugh haha i love the idea of it, good job xD 
Armiella Armiella 4 years ago
Ha well this is different. Backwards from the typical wattpad story about a player, lol.
VenessaJinson VenessaJinson 4 years ago
Okay... That was different!! 
But I liked it!
Great job! 
Voted and facebooked!