Kidnapped by Oli Sykes

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Kaylen By Kaylen Updated 2 years ago
Its a normal Saturday for Brooke and Fallon until they get kidnapped and held hostage by Oli Sykes.Will they make it out alive or die trying to escape?
OMG Christofer Drew o: Now I am oging to be reading this story for sure. IN LOVE!! XD
I wanna be kidnapped by them...then again, I don't think it's kidnap if you hold a gun at them and force them to take you with, no....but yeah, this is awesome!
I LOVE THE KIDNAPPERS! God, I wish they'll kidnap me too :D Love your story, btw :D
daaaa faqqqqq? :) aha this story is scaring me. I don't want to see my favourite people and then remember this and be like 'OHHH GOOODDD NOOOO! YOU CREEPERS!' D: aha :3
omgomgomgomg i love it :D
it's crazy but so amazing!!!!!!!!