The Vampire Diaries (A Salvatore Sister Story)

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calmthestorm By calmthestorm Updated 2 years ago
Alexandria Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's Little Sister. She's 15, she's beautiful, and she's of course a Salvatore. Her brothers thought she was dead and gone for good. They missed her terribly and they want her back. But, what happens when she actually does comes back? This is the story of what could have happened if the Salvatore Brothers had a sister.
Damon honey don't be jealous you're not missing out on much tbh
did he just call her a tiger i would expect him to call her a lion but a tiger though ?
why is katherine running after the men when she could be helping alex
since this is katherine's fault she should give her blood and damon wasnt compelled
I love the vampire diaries I have the first 3 books and I keep on watching the show all over again starting with season 1
Yeah well it's because Damon and Stefan were defending Katherine! I get Stefan was compelled to love Katherine this deeply, but God Damon!