The Vampire Diaries (A Salvatore Sister Story)

Alexandria Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's Little Sister. She's 15, she's beautiful, and she's of course a Salvatore. Her brothers thought she was dead and gone for good. They missed her terribly and they want her back. But, what happens when she actually does comes back? This is the story of what could have happened if the Salvatore Brothers had a sister.
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Erm, what are you waiting for?! 
What about your sister? Lol. 
Leaving her out of this???
No, no awes.. Katherine's a b!tch and Stefan's a sweetie ur not allowed to awe them lmaoo
I like it!!! Thank you so much for writing this cause I have been searching for a storyline like this that has to do with TVD :)
This is actually pretty good so far! I love vampire diaries and this is a very good P.O.V of there sister! xx
i just love you guys.. i am watching every season again like dor the tenth time lol. totally addicted
Good first chapter, a few spelling mistakes at the beginning but nothing massive :)

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