Hidden Beauty

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_flaybaytaygirl By _flaybaytaygirl Updated 11 months ago
Violet is never noticed and she likes it that way; it makes less room for drama. Her big brother, Xavier, is the typical protective type, but he has a manwh*re as his best friend, Eric. Eric enjoys making Violet's life h*ll and worse than it already is. He's never looked at violet as more than just an annoying sister, until violet's best friend, Brooke, arrives in town and gives her a makeover that will blow his and everyone else's minds. Brooke brings her big brother in town with her, who is also best friends with Xavier. When Violet and Xavier left their old home, Joey gave Violet a kiss and Xavier gave Brooke a kiss. Will joey get with Violet? or will Eric win her heart?
allyawesome allyawesome a year ago
When you first read the title you can tell with the WTF that it will have a lot of mistakes. It is also to long and gives away to much of the story line. Also the story line is very simple and is really cliche.
Santana4 Santana4 a year ago
I agree wholeheartedly. Long titles that give away the plot and end in things like WTF, WTH and FML make you seem extremely uneducated. This is terrible.
laure_ laure_ a year ago
@GraceKnight5 Alleluia! Someone who is actually smart! Why is it no one else can see this. I completely agree with you and not to mention, the plot is horrible! Why would anyone read this? Ek!
candy4evagirl candy4evagirl 2 years ago
Ur fantastic at writing but make shure you update your book otherwise pple will stop reading :) good luck !!
April2022 April2022 2 years ago
I didn't understand the last part. Organizations the sentence structure a little bit. But I have to say you've got me hooked.
SophieLevi SophieLevi 2 years ago
wait, but it seams like she is ALREADY pretty... why would she need a makeoveder? like for clothes?