The Only Guy

(I'm back and editing/posting!) Josh is your steryotypical hot guy with charm, chicks on his arm, and an ego to cover up his true personality and feelings. Jenna is not your typical teenage girl. She has mild OCD, a crazy family, and a need to prove her mother wrong. Jenna and Josh had completely different lives until Josh's parents decide to force a life change on him by sending him to an all-girls boarding school. Jenna's school.
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You know most of the time it's a girl at an all boys boarding school, but know its a guy at an all girls boarding school! Mixing it up! I like it:)
its a little confusing but its a guys point of view and most people say guys are confusing so awsom job
Love it! You should go check out DrawnOnWhiskers 's story called The Girl in Odd Socks. Its similar to this!
light and refreshing for a change. but u know it sucks that we cant read the entire story in 1 go.. and have to wait for updates.. :(
Wow this is funny as. The girl in the story reminds me of me. :) Great story keep it up! 
please read TALES OF A BOYISH GIRL !!
I KNOW YA'LL HATE WHEN PPL WRITE comments like this but im starting to become desperate

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