Story Ideas!

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Megan13 By Megan13 Updated 4 years ago
Here are some random story ideas I have come up with resently. When it comes time for me to start writing a book again... The part or story with the most votes will be the story I start to write first. Thank you all! Feel free to vote for more than one story:)
WaIIflower WaIIflower 2 years ago
I know this was posted two years ago so you probably won't answer but on the off chance you read this i have a question. I was wondering if you could tell me what site you use to make your covers? it would help me soooo much and i'd honestly love you forever!:) Thank you x
FunLovingDreamer FunLovingDreamer 4 years ago
@Megan13 this is really good and i can't wait to help write it! :D
sperare sperare 4 years ago
Voted. :) And just revise it, there are some minor grammatical mistakes. 
MidnightStarz MidnightStarz 4 years ago
It would be better if you separated the dialog a bit, but no worries, otherwise your story has potential. Haha plus, your story probably has pretty much next to no errors, compared to mine... Well I don't know, I use word and I still suck, haha anyways *Voted, added to Library and Fanned* :D 
Volleychick23 Volleychick23 4 years ago
Hey!! Loved the story!!! Keep it up!!! And loved how it started rely caught my attention 
musicalartist musicalartist 4 years ago
Megan that is awsome and you already have like, tons of reads! ready to hear more! like the theme too with the music and stuff :)