A Werewolf Mate in the Loup Garou Forest (completed)

Akela has to leave her home when she is attacked. She joins a pack a werewolves where she finds her true mate. Another pack of enemy werewolves is out to take her. She has to learn to fight and to survive in the forest.
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Quite an interesting story you have going here.  Definitely captured my attention in this first chapter which isn't easy to do.
Wow ur still going to stay with the wolf that just molested you ..... your one smart cookie
o.O this is different but in a good way actually made the pov think like a guy.  Love the story so far
@xXdemolitionloverXx Me too thats od i probably would have been like oh hell no thats disgusting
lol. well a wolf doing that wouldn't be weird. I think its kinda funny though... because I know he's human, if not... I'm sure I'd be freaking out! :)
I like it when guys are protective. Definitely the best thing about werewolves and mates! Cool story:)

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