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Marcy Benson never wanted to move away from the small suburban area she grew up in. She didn't want to leave behind all the memories she had in her old home. She didn't want to abandon her childhood friends and struggle to make new ones in a city she didn't even want to move to. And most of all, she didn't want to start her life all over again. But ever since her father died in, what the media believed to be, a police misfire, she couldn't make any decisions for herself anymore. When her mother received a job promotion and had to move to a new city for work, Marcy didn't argue at all. She knew her mother was having a harder time accepting her father’s death than she was, and Marcy tried to be as much of a help to her mother as she could. Cooking, cleaning, watching over her two younger siblings and comforting them when they asked where their father was – Marcy did all this while her mother was busy making a living. While stressing about fitting into a new school, making new friends, and trying to cope with her father’s death, Marcy has a full plate on her hands. But once she stumbles upon a worn out, leather-covered book, and starts to hear a voice that constantly insults her in her head, Marcy has more than just high school to worry about now.
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Your book is really good how dare you call yourself an amateur writer you are AMAZING!!!!
Are you sure ou're just an amateur? You are very good and this is very well written. Creative idea. I can't wait to read more.

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