Murder Day [The Novel]

[NaNoWriMo Attempt] Based on my popular short story, Murder Day is about a society gone wrong. Once a year the law stands still, the streets become a warzone and nobody is safe. Delve into a world where morality is skewed and right and wrong aren't quite as simple to differentiate between. In a world where black and white don't exist, where everything's a little grey, get lost in the mystery and excitement that represent the most gluttinous holiday of the year -- Murder Day.
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Hey :) there's this new movie called Purge which is about one day allowing crime including murder, I was wondering if it had anything to do with Murder Day? xXx
wow, i liked your short story so i know whats gonna happen but thats really good!
@sigrist  have u seen the trailer for the 2013 movie purge? it has a similar concept. just thought u shud check it out
@sigrist I don't make his rules I was just saying im opinion and u  have its and he wants that to happen it will happen
God does listen to everyone's prayers when they plead for their and die it my their time or not its gods desigon
Idk where they got the idea for the urge movie, but to overall theme is identical to your book, you might want to check it out Sigrist.

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