Murder Day [The Novel]

[NaNoWriMo Attempt] Based on my popular short story, Murder Day is about a society gone wrong. Once a year the law stands still, the streets become a warzone and nobody is safe. Delve into a world where morality is skewed and right and wrong aren't quite as simple to differentiate between. In a world where black and white don't exist, where everything's a little grey, get lost in the mystery and excitement that represent the most gluttinous holiday of the year -- Murder Day.
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@Penecake123 if you are worried for children don't comment things like this. children don't need to read your hate speech and swearing
He lives in a apartment building. Along with Angus, but the woman with the dead son lives in a house.
Are they all living in separate houses or an apartment building, because I thought he lived downstairs from her?
Hey :) there's this new movie called Purge which is about one day allowing crime including murder, I was wondering if it had anything to do with Murder Day? xXx
wow, i liked your short story so i know whats gonna happen but thats really good!
@sigrist  have u seen the trailer for the 2013 movie purge? it has a similar concept. just thought u shud check it out

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