Kidnapping isn't a crime (Lincoln's Story)

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DO NOT leave your child at Walgreens. Lincoln will kidnap it....
Exiting all I've heard is that they want to kidnap a little girl better read more
this made me laugh, it's cool, continue, please! off to chappie two!
I like this but why are they kidnapping a little girl! :( That's awful..... I guess I'l have to find out, huh? ove it!
omg gege yyyy are they kidnapping the girl????? 
the story is great im finding it hilarious!!! XD
i love the name!!!! and this story sounds awesome!!! it was actuali really funny the girl sounds cute!!! XD
rlly tho wat is this story about sum college guys kidnappin a little girl for wat? o well imma continue reading to find out xD