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Blank pages in a book, blank pages she took. Wrote down the story, of the loving glory. Blank pages now full, no longer dull
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@InvisibleCrush Get your grammar right if you're gonna b!tch about someone honey :') And it's 'High School of The Dead'.
I just love how Cole doesn't give a cr@p about how much Amanda hates him!! :D Love how he's got the whole prankster/bad boy vibe to him<333
this is copyright dumbshiet! Thisnis from an anime called High school of dead (or somethig like that ) -.-
Both ending are basically the same...they died, but still...this is amazing and this is one of my favorites stories in wattpad
Your a really great writer!!!!!
I liked the one you wrote about the Mom killing her family, too!
Wow... I was so not expecting that ending xD I'm gonna read the other version but I don't think I'll like it as much as this one ^_^

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