Forbidden Alliance: A Werewolf's Tale

Jay Dee doesn't know where she came from, who she is, or why she washed up on the beach when she was a child. The only life she had ever known was on the reservation with her tribe and pack. In a world of bronze skin and dark werewolves Jay Dee stood out: she was a white wolf. Slow to temper and reserved, Jay Dee was content with being the butt of every joke and being treated like an outcast and the outsider, until a new outsider, a vampire, came to town. Finding solace in Tanis's light heartedness and his inability to not blurt out everything in his head when he’s around her, Jay Dee doesn’t feel alone anymore. Tanis is vampire that was more human than most, with an addiction to food and the finer things in life. His coven had to relocate due to his sister and her lack in control. Moving from Paris to Lummi, Washington, with a population of less than five hundred was not what he wanted to do. However, when Jay Dee walked into class Monday morning small town life wasn't starting to look so bad. Tanis knows that Jay Dee is different, but he doesn’t know how, he doesn’t realize that she is a werewolf. With haunting dreams of a war that Jay Dee doesn’t remember, which shows her the death of a king and queen, her future and destiny is revealed, a destiny that she wants no part of. A destiny that will surely sentence her and everyone she loves to die.
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I've never used anything other than iBooks, any idea if I purchase the ebook from my phone it will still work and download to my phone?
ugh can't believe wat I saw oh wells guess my plans r ova :( readin my werewolf storys...its da onlii way I'll keep u in my mind...</3
I like it very much, thanks for sharing. Only à shame That it is à sample would have like To know from THE start....
Hey,,, Can i choose this book as part of the one free ebook give away for entering that survey/poll thing?
I luv the first chapter and will gladly buy it or go somewhere else for completed version could u please send me the website thanks!!! 
K I'm so hooked!!! Where can I find the next one??? I'm losin my sanity here lol

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