Fighting to be Free (Completed)

Jamie Cole has had a hard life and has just been let out of jail for murder. Before he went to jail Jamie ran with the local gang, upon his release he's determined to go straight but will the leader let him? One more job is what he's promised but this one job seems to be leading to two, then three and he's not sure he'll ever escape his old life. He meets Ellie one night at a club, she's just broke up with her long term boyfriend and isn't looking for anything serious which suits them both. Jamie finds himself drawn to her and now he has another reason to change, she knows nothing about his past and he wants to keep it that way.
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Waiting for Sequel of Fighting To be Free. We'll be waiting, can't wait :)))))))) Heartbreaking epilogue, though :(
@kaytlynnsommer Calm your tits people! She was HACKED! The comment did NOT come from her!
Jamie's my boyfriend material :) he's just too kind, and protective, and awesome :) 
I love this book :)
And OMG the guy from "Never Back Down" is SOOOOO FREAKING SEXY!!!!!! I would TOTALLY date him!
Are you going to update at all because some of us have actually been waiting for like ever. So can u please update?
Hey.. THIS IS THE BEST STORY I EVER READ.  I can't wait for the next book. Its almost 2014. Yehey!

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