Little Red {A New Take on the Old Classic Little Red Riding Hood} WATTY'S 2012

A fusion of the 1989 film Little Red Riding Hood and the Biblical story of Cain and Abel Little Red isn’t your run of the mill retelling. Years ago a war broke out between Nutwood and a neighboring country. Able king of Kensington felt it was his duty to help his fellow ally and friend. He left his country and family in the hands of his younger brother Kane. The days after Able's departure quickly turn into years, and his daughter Roselyn (Red) was always certain her father would soon return. However, when Red founds out about her uncle's plan to marry her mother, she became more determined than ever to find her father. Red talks her Cousin Duncan, and best friend Josie into helping her on her search. Along the way Red discover things about her family and love she never knew were possible.
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"not" should be "knots". Beyond that I only found a few very minor errors. All in all that was an awesome read! : D Thanks for sharing it. ^-^
Grammar has few mistakes. Dialogue is smooth. Descriptions aren't bad. Over all a pretty good story. Nicely done!
Good start, a little fast but as long as you keep it up you should be fine . Good job :D next chapter here I come.
Aw I kind of feel bad for Kane though, missing his wife and son. Though he has been driven psychotic because of it! :o You need to update! :D
Ah her uncle is such a jerk! You added a lot more detail to this chapter which was really nice! :D

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