Life's a party or is it (BEING COMPLETELY REDONE!)

**THIS STORY IS BEING REDONE** ~Savannah Rose Aidan Cannon and her twin Flynn Dakota Hayden Cannon are party animals. They're normally home alone, due to their father traveling. Savannah and Flynn rule the school, students praise them, and teachers love them. Savannah also has a past, that not many people know about. ~Parker Todd is the schools bad boy. He's done somethings others would be ashamed of. He doesn't date and he thinks the only girl he wants to date wont go for a guy like him. He's never went on a date, and has never been kissed. What if the girl he likes likes him back but someone else gets in the way? What happens when a new teacher falls in love with Savannah? Will she fall back or will she continue to live life as a party? If she falls for him is he willing to catch her and do anything to make this forbidden love work?
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Oh my god. "In a small town in Maine" I live in Maine! And born in Dallas, Texas? I go there every summer to see my mom! Lol So funny.
aww :( why didnt their mother take them too? that's hardly fait 
! great story btw :D
Woooooo I likey the celebs you chose for the characters<3 esp Megan and goos job with the story!!!
love this first chapter. please upload soon. i cannot wait to find out what happens. your writing always draws me in. :) thanks again for another amazing story.

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