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broken-pixie By broken-pixie Updated 2 years ago
Being stalked is no joke. But when it involves a tall, dark and hot werewolf, it becomes that much more dangerous. Nadia never liked the werewolves to begin with, how will she cope with being stalked by this obessessive wolf? And what are those vampires up to? Only Nadia will know, and only Nadia can stop them.
Love it ! MR.BOOKWORM ..the worms are going to have craving for your stories 
its not confusing, it was really good. But why do they fall so in love with the wolves and stuff, I think they should have their own choice, cuz it sounds like they're being brainwashed. But its good ^.^
It's a good change and a breakaway from all of the rejection stories. I love it. :)
Wow I really like your story!! Can't wait to keep redding :)
Not confusing at all! Actually most introductions to a story can be overly descriptive and boring. This kept me very interested!
this is a good book you should write more and put them in book stores :)