The Perfect Teacher [Teacher/Student] (Slash)

Jake is ur normal straight A student that does his best to stay from all sorts of trouble, But what happens when his english teacher moves away only to be replaced by a total asshole for a man who makes his life a living hell. On top of it all Jayden has it out for him and would do anything to get him even if it mean lying an d cheating. But what happens when Jayden's pass suddenly catches up to him, will pull them apart or make them even stronger? On a serious note I hate summaries -_-
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Grammar, punctuation, and spelling check needed badly. Took me out of what could have been a decent story.
wow  looks like jake blake is in for hell, being good or just not sure yet. i guess i have to read to find out.
You know what I knew his teacher was a pedo.JK. I loved this chapter, but the teacher is still jerk. I'm sure my opinion of him will change in the
Wow really not liking the teacher Mr.Jayden right now. But it's just the beginning of the story. I hope he doesn't embarass him in front of his mom.
Hmm. The teacher sounds like a grade A jerk! I don't know if I used that term right. I hope that he's not really like that but I shall read on. ˆ_ˆ
Oh my gosh I like this a lot. This is amazing already! And the teacher is pedo like. Mmmmm interesting.

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