The Perfect Teacher [Teacher/Student] (Slash)

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Astor By Astor Updated 3 years ago
Jake is ur normal straight A student that does his best to stay from all sorts of trouble, But what happens when his english teacher moves away only to be replaced by a total asshole for a man who makes his life a living hell. On top of it all Jayden has it out for him and would do anything to get him even if it mean lying an d cheating. But what happens when Jayden's pass suddenly catches up to him, will pull them apart or make them even stronger?

On a serious note I hate summaries -_-
Hmm. The teacher sounds like a grade A jerk! I don't know if I used that term right. I hope that he's not really like that but I shall read on. ˆ_ˆ

I am hooked just by the prologue. Reading onward.