Right Next Room

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A big headed, obnoxious but strangely protective tenant moved into Raina's house and Raina is so not happy with the arrangement. To spice things up even more, her mother is going overseas for a few months. Isn't that just wonderful?
    Oil and water do not mix. As expected, things just got whole lot worse after they met each other.
    Fighting and quarreling like cats and dogs, that's what they did everyday. But as they fight and insult each other, day by day, something was created too. But then again, things just do not work out this way. Life is not a bed of roses afterall.
    What will you actually do when someone you love lied to you and that lie concerns someone important to you...?
OMG! LMFAO! hahahah I thought it said 'humped my old teddy bear' lol
this character needs to go back to manners school, a five year old has more than her 
people are used to these wattpad mothers who literally hand condoms to their kids and don't care if rules are broken. I actually like this for a change, so far this mom seems more realistic.
Possessive. It's way too early for this guy to be possessive.
Endless road to rediscover ohh.. Hey brother do still remember...
Xander!!! Power Rangers Mystic Force anyone?? Coz he was green ranger and my favourite one, and i spent most of my childhood watching power rangers, and mystic force is my fav among them and xander is....i've already said that but seriously anyone out there??