Right Next Room

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Lleafa By Lleafa Updated 14 days ago
A big headed, obnoxious but strangely protective tenant moved into Raina's house and Raina is so not happy with the arrangement. To spice things up even more, her mother is going overseas for a few months. Isn't that just wonderful?

Oil and water do not mix. As expected, things just got whole lot worse after they met each other.

Fighting and quarreling like cats and dogs, that's what they did everyday. But as they fight and insult each other, day by day, something was created too. But then again, things just do not work out this way. Life is not a bed of roses afterall.

What will you actually do when someone you love lied to you and that lie concerns someone important to you...?
allthepotterheads allthepotterheads 11 days ago
I completely adore your novel. this is brilliant!!! I just love the characters of Xander and Raina. You literally got me crying, when the Dad, Laina, Rainie the accident part came. I love the way Xander loves Raina. this is most probably he best love story I've ever read!!!
Mushroomy Mushroomy 25 days ago
I'd be jamming out with him lol! I love playing my music REALLY loud!
Catania_Styles Catania_Styles a month ago
uuummmm im kinda comfused,who is Laina if you arw Raina?p.s...My real name Rania! srsly...it is.
Catania_Styles Catania_Styles a month ago
i hope zo too!ilook forward to it as a good one and by the cover i think it mY as well be.
yep i was stuck in there for so long and i started crying until my mom pulled me out
StrongerThanURealize StrongerThanURealize 2 months ago
Are you people all like midgets or does this actually happen to regular sized ppl? Lol I guess it could happen to me but I don't think I'd actually fall in... And also poor you ppl that's gross I'd be scarred for life if that happened to me