C'est La Vie

Life's tough. High School is hell. And falling in love may possibly be the worst of all! Enter Faye Malcolm, a sixteen year old who has been raised in a broken family. She's nearly always broke, her mother is constantly too busy to bat her an eyelash and attending an all girl high school is not exactly a walk in the park. From bullies to social standing and cliques, Faye's life is pretty tough. The only redeeming aspect of her life is her best friend; Logan Preston. He's her everything from protector to co-conspirator. Faye has the most amazing best friend in the world. The only problem is he has a no good older brother who is nothing but bad news. Ryder Preston is as notorious as Logan is liked. Join Faye as she grows up and matures, learning what to do and how to do all the while trying not to make huge mistakes.
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I like them all three but where's Logan's mom and why are they not calling the police on that man
@PaigeDaniels  Ooh...I think a flashback would be perfect.  Maybe when he asked her out and the reason she broke up with him??

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