Just Hold My Hand (Under Editing)

Two best-friends. Now don't run away, these two are special. Andrew and Charlotte have known each other for a long time, yes. For Andrew is was love at first sight. For Charlotte, it took a little longer to realize what was happening. In the end though, they're both in love. But it's not that easy- see? Neither of them feel good enough for each other. Andrew isn't your typical bad boy, arrogant, jerk who just wants to bang Charlotte and move on. He loves her, he's convinced. But he also really values the friendship they have- something he can't imagine losing. So he keeps quiet and is just content to be there for her. Charlotte isn't a queen bee or a boy magnet, bad girl. She's a simple girl, with delicate emotions that have been tampered and messed with far too often. With a rough start to life can you blame her for not knowing what love really feels like? Even when she does realize she's fallen in love with her best friend, she's not going to tell him! What if he says no and rejects her like so many other people in her life. Then she'll have nothing left. No, they should just be friends. That's how it should be, right? Obviously, we have a problem. Will they ever find a solution? Or will they be giving the statement, "stuck in the friend zone," a whole new meaning? (A CBY Bookclub Scavenger Hunt Novel.)
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funny. because as soon as i read the first two words in the description, i was about to leave but then you were like 'don't leave' i was like 'ok... o.o'
Aw, thank you for the dedication! :) I will definitely read this when I get a chance. Voted already! :) and adding to the library. :)
I love how you put the dialogue after and before the paragraph!! Great idea!! Your style to good too! Amazing! Voted and added to my library!! :)
this is a really cute start it makes you want to know what will happen to the characters good job voted 
read it, it's funny how there are really a lot of childhood friends that are in that kind of situation... ><
I LOVE THIS I AM ADDING IT TO MY LIBRARY AND VOTED> i will continue this story. You are a good writer, 

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