It's all about sex... [Student/Teacher]

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Kerry_x By Kerry_x Completed
This is a story about a girl called Rosa and a boy called Jai.
Rosa is just looking for a good time like any 18 year old would. When she sets her sights on whom she wants next. She always gets them.
This time? It’s Jai Robins. Her 23 year old biology teacher.
DestinyCarson DestinyCarson 4 months ago
This is weird. First you said Phillips was in the class but then said he was late
hilariousawesome13 hilariousawesome13 11 months ago
@chellsey the story itself isn't so bad though. I'm starting to like it.
hilariousawesome13 hilariousawesome13 11 months ago
@chellsey I agree. Personally, I don't really like the personality of the protagonist. I don't mean to sound mean or anything but that's just my honest opinion.
chellsey chellsey 2 years ago
its one thing to sleep around, but with someone in a relationship? that doesnt seem like her since she pushed the guy at the bar away because he had one
Mistie35 Mistie35 3 years ago
I really like this story!!! It's different and you're a great writer! :)
@anakelia Actually, stories are mostly written in past tense, not present. And if there was only one tense error, has not had, that could easily have been a typo since s and d are right next to each other.. I didn't notice any major tense problems here and that's something that usually bugs me lots!