Dear Carson.

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katielovee By katielovee Updated 4 years ago
Bailey fell in love that summer. It was the summer of her Senior year and she didn't think the time could be any better. Carson completed her in every way possible and she couldn't get enough of him. She didn't think anything would tear them apart. Until, Carson started slipping away and somebody needed to save him, but Bailey didn't know if she could be his hero.
anniejtaylor anniejtaylor 3 years ago
This is a good start to the story. I'm kind of bummed out it's only a prologue so far. Yes, I agree, there should be some commas put in, but overall, it was a good chapter to set up the scene.
Artist Artist 3 years ago
Great beginning! This sounds like something I would be interested in reading. Regarding the punctuation errors, you just need to add a few commas in a couple places and the prologue should be fine. :)
KatherineK KatherineK 3 years ago
Nice start, a lot of emotions, so just keep it up, you started very well :)
Devon-J-Thomas Devon-J-Thomas 3 years ago
this was just too awesome. poor Bailey. i know how it feels to love someone who's changed and try to change them back. voted!
NerdyBirdie NerdyBirdie 3 years ago
This sounds very, very interesting! You've got me wanting more already! Few errors, but a great job anyhow! :D