THe BoyS NeXt DoOr

There are 4 of them. All totally gorgeous and god like. First theres Cole, the man of every girls dream. The bad boy. Then theres Blake...polite and sweet...artistic Blake...Then theres Jeremy...the football player....the girl player. And last is cute little Ashton...hes a bit young bit still the cutest thing imaginable. What have they all got in common? Their my neighbors and this is the story of how I survived the boys next door.
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! love it! and read my book soccer princess its a bit like this book :)
Is the story finished or are you still writing out, good so far tho loVe ittttt??
Love the book just get her away from her father and she'll be good still amazing book
loved it!!!! ahhhh!! Blake and Steph make a good couple to me.... ~Author, Stephanie M.
I LOVE IT!!! Why is she soooo stupid, Cole likes her, durrrr. I am all for her and Cole. GO STOLE!!!
I've only read to this part and I'm already in love with this book or whatever :p

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