A bad boy moving in next door? Pssh nothings suspicious about that! [Completed]

Spencer Gregory is a good girl. Has nice friends, gets straight A's and all that jazz! But will the bad boy moving in change all that? So join her as a summer full of steamy late nights, heartbreaks, and hopefully a good story!!
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@Sanaa_Banana i thought i was the abnormal one alone o-o hai we have so much in common
She's so cheery! I love it! Happy people are great people! :) boy oath thats funny... XD
wooooow where i live, if i ever saw a new family moving in to a new house, they would probably ignore me and NEVER invite me to dinner.......
spencer is cute......:D nice story soo far........gonne read the next chpts now :D........if u can then read mine as well.......
This book is very intreging. I really like this book I give this a book of a rating 10 outta 10
i liked it :D keep posting!!! lol i'm new to wattpad...so this is like the 5th story ive read and its awesome :P

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