The First Hunger Games

[UNDER EXTENSIVE EDITING] A Hunger Games Fan-Fiction: The rebillion is over. The Capitol has won. To keep the citizens in line, they have created a punishment. The Hunger Games, in which a boy and girl, ranged from age 12 to 18, from each of the 12 districts are sent to fight to the death in an arena, the whole event displayed on live television. So when Aloe Lierre becomes a tribute in the games, she has choices to make. Sacrifice her own life to save the boy she loves or fight to win, even it means losing him? Because after all, there can only be one winner. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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Your a great writer! I have a fanfic, 'Blood and ice' check it out!? Your book is great and I'm going to enjoy reading this!
this is amazing please check out my fanfic where prim isnt picked so katniss doesnt have to go to the ga,es
Oh, I love this! 

By the way, a though ocurred to me. If Hattie's family runs the bakery, then she could be Peeta's grandmother!! :)
Yah this is going to be an awesome story.   Keep updating and I will keep reading !!!!
I looove this book so far! This is an interesting way of making this story! But it's really cool! Which district is she in?
Tthinking of writing a 25th hunger games where they get voted in maIn charecter boy from 11 in rue and thresh's honor lol would abyone read it????

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